Python Masterclass for Web Dev.

Python is one of the worlds most highly sought after programming languages. If you’re looking to work for a IT tech. company, python is must have skill.

What People Are Saying
After completing several of CPAN HQ's bootcamps, I was able to have enough technical knowledge to be hired by Google as an engineer. I learned more through their programming courses than I did in traditional university.
Elleni Murillo

Getting Started With Javascript

Javascript, or more commonly known as JS, is a core front-end language used by virtually every business.
Front End
HTML 5 Web Fundamentals
Front End
Mastering CSS 3 Flexbox With Real World Apps
Front End
Full Stack Web Dev.with React and Redux Hooks

Our Boot Camps are Trusted by Thousands

“I’ve tried learning node js on my own several times and always struggled to piece it together. With CPANHQ, I was able to follow the modules easily and effectively.”

Joan Putine

“Server side programming languages have always been difficult for me. Yet, in the PHP course I was able to finally understand databases and how to manipulate them.”

Richard Edwardo

“By no means was I new to programming and IT. To my surprise, CPANHQ had an advanced course on utilizing Selenium. I absolutely loved it!”

Dante Knulls

“Java has always been a bit of a nightmare for me. But thanks to the intermediate mastering java course, I was able to bring it all together.”

Chadwick Regadi