Resurrecting Your Diet With The Assistance Of A Juicer

If you are feeling run down, eat fast food seven days a week, or need something to jump start your day with some much needed energy, then getting a home juicer can help. We all know we should be getting more fruits and veggies, but it just sounds like a lot of work. Having a juice extractor in your kitchen can alleviate this by letting you get the vitamins that you need from fresh foods without feeling like you are constantly grazing on vegetables. Fast, simple, and efficient nutrient intake can really bolster your health and how you feel about yourself.

Finding a high quality juicer that helps do the job right can go a long way to get your juices flowing (pun intended) about juicing. If you love something and it doesn’t seem like a lot of work then you will be more inclined to pursue it on a regular basis, and this is where finding the right juicer for your needs come in. We can kick things off with a brief rundown on some of our favorite juicing choices that can improve your overall health and the quality of your diet.

Centrifugal Juicers

These are perfect juice extractors for folks that want something simple and fast. If you are not too concerned with top notch efficiency and are willing to settle for slightly less quality for something that is super easy to use and reduces the hassle of juicing, then this is the type of machine that you want. They are loud, but since they are so fast you will not have them on that long. Centrifugal juice extractors are also relatively less expensive than masticating machines. There is only one brand name that is the most recommended in this category, and that is Breville.

Breville JE98XL

This is one of their most popular models. It is a mid-range juicer both in price and in performance. The JE98XL does not have a stainless steel body like some of their more expensive machines, but the plastic does not make it an eyesore. It comes with two different speeds which is great for customizing between hard and soft foods. This juicer really shines with harder foods such as apples and carrots. It is not so great with leafy foods like spinach and cabbage.

If you are new to juicing and want something that is not super expensive but will still offer you a high quality experience then this model would be the perfect choice.

Breville BJE200XL

This is their basic starter juicer. It has one speed so there really is no guess work. It absolutely obliterates anything that is dropped into it which sounds great, but it leads to a less efficient juicer on some foods. This is not an ideal machine for leafy greens, but for a small beginning investment this is an awfully appealing route. Clean up is a breeze and it gets pretty good reviews from first time owners. Perfect for those on a budget.

Breville 800JEXL

If you have the money to go a few steps up from the BJE200XL then this model is tremendous. A stainless steel body truly shines in any type of kitchen. It has a more powerful motor to cut through all types of fruits and hard veggies. All of this style and performance does come at a price, however, as this juicer will set you back around $300. It is one of the top rated juicing machines and is quite impressive for those who need a no nonsense juicer to get the job done fast.

Masticating Juicers

If you have a little more patient and have a little more time to get a slightly better quality juice, then these types of machines will serve you well. Luckily, there are more brand names available that make high quality masticating extractors from which to choose.

Omega Juicers

This company makes some of the best rated juicers period. They are well built and come with very long warranties which is quite appealing considering their price. Some of their top rated models include the 8006, NC800 and the VSJ843. All of them are great for leafy greens so you can juice all of the kale that you want knowing that you are going to be able to extract most of the juice from the pulp. These juicers are also very quiet and easy to operate. You really cannot go wrong with any offering from Omega.

Kuvings B6000

This is their newest and best juicer to date. It is an upright design which is intended to save you some room on your kitchen counter. One feature that really sets it apart from other vertical masticating juicers is its very wide feed chute. You can drop a whole apple down there without having to cut it up which will wind up saving you a bit of time. It is pricey at around $400 but the convenience features that it offers makes it still a good value.


This is another company that has some very nice masticating juicer offerings. Their SlowStar model is really attractive that comes in one color, a bold red. This is sure to turn heads as well. As a masticating juicer it also will give you excellent performance with leafy veggies. If you wish to take full advantage of the power of green juice then the SlowStar would not be a bad option.

Don’t Go On The Cheap

We all need to save money but when buying a juicer you will be best served to not go cheap. A poorly made juicer is likely to be inefficient and a hassle to operate that you are not going to want to use it that often. To get the most out of what juicing has to offer you are going to want to do it every day. Don’t get something that will sour you on the whole experience. Look to spend at least $100 for a juicer to give you the full benefits of freshly made juice. Your body will someday thank you.