The Toaster Oven Of Our Dreams

The BOV800XL Smart Oven from Breville will literally change the way that you think about cooking and get you excited to dust off that recipe book you have been ignoring for years. Breville smart countertop ovens are engineered to take a lot of the guess work out of preparing your favorite meals. With Element IQ cooking technology, the heating of food is even and automatic. Its LCD display also makes this one of the more modern toaster ovens on the market. If you are looking for a small kitchen appliance that will help you create amazing food with out a lot of hassle or know how, this is the countertop oven for you.

Even though Breville has since come out with the BOV845SS that adds another preset function and the all important interior light, the BOV800XL is still one of the best and most highly ranked convection ovens on the market. Whether you want to cook a homemade pizza, bake cookies, make a casserole, or even roast a chicken, this is one small oven that will get the job done. Not only will your food come out perfect but it will take less time to prepare and be less work to clean up afterwards. Nothing has changed from the previous year, and the latest 2017 toaster oven reviews bear that out. If you are looking for a spark in the kitchen, this is the oven for you.

BOV800XL Highlights

Let’s take a look at just what this oven can offer you in the kitchen.

Convection Cooking

Convection technology is used to circulate hot air throughout the oven while baking. This helps produce an even cooking processes ensuring that the food is done on both sides to perfection. This is something that adds tremendous value and owner feedback on this feature has been nothing short of superb.

Element IQ

This is Breville’s technology that puts the “Smart” into their smart ovens. It automatically adjust the heating elements, which are made of quartz, to deliver a perfectly executed cooking processes. They tried to make things as simple as possible for amateur chefs, and this aspect of the BOV800XL is something that keeps owners happy. It is a set it and forget type of machine. This oven comes with 9 different settings that include; warm, pizza, reheat, roast, broil, bake, cookies, toast, and bagel. Each of these pre-sets can also be customized and the oven has the ability to keep these adjustments in memory to let you use them over and over. It really does not get any easier to cook something.

Modern Design

Breville small appliances are among the most sleek and best looking options for your kitchen. If you like the look of stainless steel and LCD displays, then getting a Breville is a terrific choice. This oven has ease to use dials that let you scroll through the settings on an easy to read backlit display. This oven is a real head turner and is a perfect fit for any type of kitchen.


The BOV800XL is able to handle six pieces of toast or a 13 inch pizza. This is probably not going to be the most ideal option for those with limited counter top space as it is kind of large for a toaster oven. This, however, means that you are able to cook larger meals for more people. Whole chickens and casseroles are no problem for its roomy interior.

Added Convenience

With a wire rack that auto-ejects as you open the door, an easily accessible crumb tray, and a non-stick interior, the BOV800XL is easy to operate and maintain. It comes with 3 different rack positions and 2 different pans.

Drawbacks of the BOV800XL

While this oven is nearly perfect, there are a few minor aspects that could have been a little better

No Interior Light

Not really sure how an oven maker could overlook this simple feature but there is no light on the inside of the oven so it is best not to stick it in the dark corner of your kitchen if you have one.


This oven is not the cheapest oven out there, but you do get what you pay for. While it does have a somewhat higher price tag than a lot of whats available, it gets really high satisfaction rates from owners who feel that they definitely get their money’s worth with this toaster oven.

Get Off The Fence

If you are not really sure if you need or want a toaster oven for your home, them you have not tried to cook in one of these. We were kind of hesitant before we ended up buying a BOV800XL, but we are sure glad that we did. After decades of cooking on our full sized oven, we cannot figure out why we did not try one of these countertop ovens sooner. The energy and time savings have made a huge difference on the quality of the time that we spend in the kitchen. Now, cooking a homemade meal is a lot less of a hassle and this is why we recommend this Breville oven to all of our family and friends.

Sharing The Joy Over The New Child Seat We Just Bought


We agonized a lot of this decision as it has been one of the most important choices we have made concerning the safety of our little angel. We went on a massive search to find the best convertible car seat for our soon to be delivered child and after a lot of consideration we decided to go with the Chicco Nextfit Zip. We did not plan on spending this much on a child seat, but in the end it was well worth it. Momma Trauma Blog has it rated as their second best choice in 2016. After unboxing it and installing it in the car a few times we can see why parents give this seat such positive feed back.

We decided to dive straight into using a convertible car seat in the beginning since using an infant seat is only valid for such a short period of time. When considering the recommended time for switching to a convertible seat it just made better financial sense to got this route.

We were apprehensive shelling out so much money, but we could not be more satisfied with it after only a few weeks. It is now sitting in the corner of the garage waiting to be put to use once the delivery takes place, which will be very soon. We love it so much we thought we would share our joy and help anyone else looking to get a new car seat for their family.

What We Love So Far

Construction – This Chicco seat is a tank. You can tell from the moment you take it out of the box how well made it is. You can envision your child riding in this thing and being encapsulated in a protective shell that makes you feel at ease. The frame and base are solid and the side impact protection is also impressive. As far as safety is concerned the Nextfit Zip seems to have everything.

Materials – The comfort of your baby is a close second behind safety and the materials used in this seat feel plush and breathable. You do not want your child to get all sweaty from riding in the seat and this looks to prevent that from happening.

Maintenance – The ability to unzip and remove the seat pad and place it in the washing machine was one feature that really appealed to us. We are under no illusion that children do not make messes which is why being able to wash the seat is such a great idea. This is especially true with a convertible car seat that you plan on using for a few years.

Installation – Like I mentioned earlier, we have already begun practicing moving the seat between our two vehicles and installing it and it has been a breeze for the most part. The one knock we have is that because it is so well constructed, it is a little on the heavy side. It can be a little back breaking but once you get it into the car the actual installation process is rather simple. Every thing is marked clearly and the manual was easy to follow.

What Keeps It From Being Perfect

Price – We were hoping to spend somewhere between $200 and $250 and getting this seat really blew that out of the water. It currently goes for around $350 which really hurt the budget. With that said, we are confident that we are going to get our money’s worth and it gives us a tremendous amount of peace of mind knowing our child is going to riding in this every day.

Weight – We touched on this earlier, but this is not the lightest seat out there. For small individuals this might be a chore to move constantly. If you plan on using it in only one vehicle then this will not be that big of a problem.

Yes, It Is Early

Perhaps this write up is a little premature since we have not actually used it with our child yet. However, our very early experience with the Nextfit Zip fills us with confidence. If you have any issues and once we get a better understanding of what it is like to use it every day we will give you an update.

Which Juicers Are Best For Beginners?


This is one question that we get a lot of times. Most people are intrigued by the concept of juicing and wonder if it is worth the effort. On the surface it seems like getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals in a glass of juice that is easy to drink would be a no-brainer. Well, it is, especially when considering the amount of time it would take every day to eat your recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables. If you have a job, or kids, or both, then you know how valuable it is to have a convenient alternative that will allow you to stay healthy. You should still eat fruits and veggies as their fiber is great for your digestive system, but you can supplement it with easy juicing.

For beginners we found that they really like to keep things simple. Speed and convenience can go a long way to helping you maintain your motivation to juice every day. Having the right juice extractor can really make a big difference. This is why that we always recommend buying a Breville juicer as their juicing machines are extremely easy to use, simple to clean, and they are extremely fast. They take care of most of the fuss and effort that juicing may require and they will be an excellent addition to any kitchen. No matter your budget, Breville is sure to have a model that is perfect for you and your nutritional needs.

Top Breville Juicing Machines

No matter your budget, Breville is sure to have a model that is perfect for you and your nutritional needs. Below are our top three choices that can help you transform the way you get your vitamins and minerals.

Breville BJE200XL

This is their basic juicer that also happens to be one of their most popular. It comes at a low price point ( around $100) and it is a great choice for those who may be on the fence about juicing.

  • Simple to use controls. The BJE200XL has only one speed. It is extremely powerful and can handle the hardest vegetables and the softest fruits.
  • Budget-friendly. This is a terrific option for those new to juicing or for those who do not have a lot of money to spend up front.
  • Self-contained pulp catcher. This sits on top of the machine and it is dishwasher safe for added convenience.
  • Wide feed chute. Like all of Breville’s juicers, this model comes with a large feed chute that will allow you to drop in whole apples and larger pieces of food. Very little prep time is required.

This is a simple machine and while it is a great starter juicer, it does lack some of the features of some of the other models on our list.

Breville JE98XL

Hands down, this is the one that we recommend most. It has a great feature set and is the perfect balance between juicing performance and price. It can be had online for around $150.

  • Comes with two different operating speeds. It has a low speed for some finesse getting juice out of soft fruits. It also has a high speed for getting the most out of hard vegetables.
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts. Clean up is always an important aspect to look at when shopping for a new juicer and all of Breville’s juice extractors shine in this department.
  • Even though the outside body is made of plastic, it has a modern look and styling that is a real eye catcher.

Breville 800JEXL

This is perhaps the best centrifugal juicing machine on the market today. Its performance and construction are second to none, but it does come at a higher price. This can usually be found online for around $300.

  • Solid steel body and construction offers a solid machine with distinct modern styling. Perfect for any type of kitchen.
  • A motor that is extremely powerful and can withstand just about any type of food that you wish to juice.
  • Two speeds to help customize your juicing depending on the hardness of the fruits and vegetables that you juice.
  • Hassle-free operation with simple clean up.

Possible Drawbacks

While there are a number of positives when it comes to getting a Breville juicer, there are a few points to keep in mind.

  • Their very high speeds also produce extremely loud noise. This is common for all centrifugal juicers, unfortunately.
  • They are not as efficient with leafy vegetables like kale or spinach.

If you not plan on juicing primarily leafy greens and you can put up with a few minutes of noise, then there is no better option to get you started juicing that getting a Breville. They are very fast and simple to use juicers that should help you take back control of your nutrition.

Running With The Joovy Zoom 360


Finding the right running stroller is something that can really transform the way that you look and feel. Both parents can take advantage of not only the health benefits that they can provide, but also the fun factor they can give to your children. Exploring the world around them from the comfort of a stroller is a fantastic way to get them out of the house and introduce them to the advantages of being active. If you are looking for the perfect option to tour your neighborhood and you plan to primarily stay on a concrete surface then a running stroller is the perfect choice. While there are plenty of high quality options to choose from, we found one that has all of the features that you should be looking for but at a price that will not break the bank.

The Joovy Zoom 360 stroller is designed to help parents get the most out of their running routine while also giving kids a safe and comfortable ride. It is engineered to deliver exceptional performance for the both the person pushing it and the little person riding in it. With it mid-range price it has a lot to offer parents looking to get back into shape while take their kids along with them. Below are just some of the reasons this particular jogging stroller is so popular.

Important Features

  • Its lightweight frame is not only easy to transport, store, and lift in and out of a car, but it is also durable. Made from all aluminum, the frame provides the ultimate in durability as well as usability.
  • Easy fold action for no fuss storage. This is something that most owners appreciate the most about the Zoom 360.
  • Plenty of storage areas and compartments lets you bring everything that you need along with you. A neoprene handlebar storage organizer even has places for two bottles.
  • Oversized canopy to help shield your child from the sun and weather. This is another extremely important feature that works as advertised.
  • Air filled tires and dedicated suspension help keep the ride as smooth as possible for the benefit of your child.
  • Extra wide seat that lets your little one ride in the ultimate comfort.
  • A swivel front wheel that can lock in place for straight running or unlock for maneuverability around tight corners.
  • Car seat compatible. While you do have to buy a separate adapter, you are able to use this with a wide range of infant seats for smaller children.

Has Some Weaknesses

Nothing is perfect and despite a lot of reasons to buy this runner, it does have a few areas where it can be improved.

  • No hand brake. This would have been a nice feature to have to provide the added layer of safety. If you have to stop the stroller in a hurry a hand brake is the most convenient option.
  • Performs best on concrete. If you like to go on hiking trails or off road, then the Joovy Zoom may not be the best option. The light weight frame and tires may not stand up to the constant wear and tear of these types of bumpy terrain.
  • It also lacks an adjustable handlebar. If Mom and Dad vary greatly in their height, then one of them is sure to be more uncomfortable while using this particular jogger. Something like a BOB stroller would be a better option.

These are just some of the things that some owners have expressed negatively about this model. It does get some very nice ratings from parents and at its price point it is a great choice. However, if you have the budget to spend a little more than you might be able to find something with a little bit better. Still the Zoom 360 is an excellent overall value pick for parents.

Keep Running

If you were an avid runner before having kids then there is no excuse to stop running. There are a wide range of jogging strollers on the market that will no doubt help you stay in shape. These are wonderful pieces of equipment that the whole family can enjoy. As you know, running has its share of benefits that make it a worthwhile activity that you can share with your kids. Pass on your love of the open road by giving your children the example of staying fit and including them in your exercise routine by using a running stroller.